The willing participation and enthusiastic support of our members are fundamental to the success of a co-operative preschool. At BCCNS, families have no fundraising obligations, all of our fundraising events and campaigns are voluntary. We encourage your participation in fundraising events because they build our community and allow our children to see their friends outside of school, with their families. Fundraising events also help build our reserves and refresh our school equipment and gear. Fundraising events are promoted in the school, online and occur throughout the school year.

Ongoing Campaigns

Are you a Government of Canada employee/retiree or a current/former member of the Canadian armed forces or RCMP? Did you know that you can direct all or a portion of your GCWCC United Way gift directly to BCCNS?

Supporting our pre-school program can be as easy as a deduction from your paycheck or one-time credit card donation. Some donors choose to support us this way. Simply fill in the GCWCC United Way form with our registered charity number 100462118RR0001 and your donation will be directed anonymously to our school.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has designated their GCWCC United Way contribution to us.

Donations can be made at any time through the Canada Helps website. You can make a one-time donation or schedule monthly donations and your donations can be paid for using your credit card, Interac®Online or PayPal™ account. A tax receipt will be emailed directly to you and your donation will be delivered to B.C.C.N.S.

Mabel’s Labels covers all your labelling needs for kids, families and households. You can easily support our school by clicking here to ensure that 20% of your purchase total before taxes will be given back to B.C.C.N.S. It’s that simple!

Corporate Giving

Corporate fundraising allows our community partners to help invest in our children and their education. Please consider sharing contacts or workplace programs with our Director of Fundraising at so we can help determine a mutually beneficial match. BCCNS is a registered charity.