For Parents

Parent Responsibilities

As a co-operative preschool, the willing participation and enthusiastic support of all parents is required to enable our school to run smoothly. Parent participation is also necessary to keep fees at a minimum and tuition’s affordable, while striving to obtain the best possible preschool education for our children. Each member of the co-operative is required to share in the work of the school and become actively involved, which includes the following:

  • Attending two mandatory general membership meetings.
  • Serving on school committees or on the School Council (or pay to Opt-Out)
  • Assisting the teachers in the classroom, on a rotational basis, by bringing in snack for the class as a duty parent.  Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, Duty Day helpers are welcome to help in the classroom but are not required to stay. ONLY snack for the class is required at drop off. Duty parents are not required for afternoon programs (School Readiness, Kinders, Step By Step).
  • Reading emails, newsletters and notice boards to remain informed of relevant issues and information.
  • Providing feedback on the school through the annual survey of families.
  • Optional: Participating in field trips as a supervisor, if required.
  • Optional: Participating in and contributing to fundraising activities.

The Parent and Caregiver Handbook is an excellent reference for the school year and important for all parents to review. It contains important school policies and procedures, as well as guidelines for parents. If you have questions, please review the handbook first and then, if necessary, follow up with the program director.