Program Director

Program Director

Heidi Piper-Ward, R.E.C.E

Heidi started her career at BCCNS as a Program Assistant  and student studying Early Childhood Education in 2008. She was quickly hired on as a full-time teacher in 2009 and has been enriching our programs ever since. Heidi was promoted to the Program Director position in 2017. Her role as Program Director is similar to a principal, vice-principal, secretary and substitute teacher all wrapped into one! 

Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as innovative ideas to our school. She has a passion for supporting all students, including those with exceptionalities, and was the driving force behind our successful Step By Step program when it started in 2016. Heidi values the teaching staff and is committed to assisting them achieve professional development and achieve their personal goals each year. 

Heidi has the ability to make our member families feel welcome and heard in our school. She truly believes in Early Childhood Education by allowing children to learn through play. She has a wonderful way of making every child feel included and valued.

Please feel free to approach her at any time with questions or concerns. You can reach Heidi at .