• Your child will need to be 3 by December 31st of the school year.
  • The maximum class size is 24 children with 3 teachers and 1 duty parent, or 16 children with 2 teachers and 1 duty parent (afternoons).
  • Children still in diapers are welcome. We can help with potty training!
  • A progress report is completed by the teacher at the end of the year.
  • Be sure to read through the Parent Testimonials for greater insight on how our programs have benefitted past students.

Program Times (mornings)

  • 9:00 am to 11:30 am – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 9:00 am to 11:30 am – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 5 days a week

The School Readiness Program is also designed for 3-year-olds and takes place in the afternoon.

Extended Hours Option – 8:30am – 12:00pm

If you are looking for a more flexible pick-up and drop-off times our extended hours option is the perfect fit. Our friends enrolled in this program can be dropped off as early at 8:30am and picked up as late as 12:00pm. Click here for more details.


Tuition, Fees & Subsidies

Please consult our Tuition Page for more information.

For a Three-Year-Old, Preschool Provides…

…the opportunity to try out new skills such as cutting, painting and counting and to socialize with peers, which make for a positive first school experience.

IMG_3961_3The best way for your 3-year-old to learn is through play, observation, and conversation. Your three-year-old will now begin to play co-cooperatively with other children in small groups, share her/his toys and develop friendships. In our program there is an emphasis on sharing and co-operating with friends. This is accomplished through a wide variety of creative activities and learning centers such as the dramatic play area, art area, sensory area, block area, fine motor/cognitive area, and language area. More structured times include “circle” for storytelling, songs, movement and music, and special activities.

IMG_3965_3Gross motor play is a daily occurrence in the outside play yard (new in Spring 2013 and meets the Ministry’s safety standards). The play yard is fenced in and shaded by mature trees. Each age group gets independent time to play in the yard. If the weather does not permit outdoor play there is a gymnasium stocked with a variety of equipment.

Learn more about Tuition, Fees, and Subsidies.