Program Description

Our preschool offers a flexible program within the classroom.  Each age group has its own separate classroom and age-appropriate program.

bccns boy readingProgram plans are prepared by qualified Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers who use the Emergent Curriculum to provide a variety of activities and materials that are developmentally appropriate and meet the interests of the children.  Some of these activities and materials include painting, collage, clay, play dough, housekeeping, dress-up centres, large hollow blocks and unit block areas, table top toys, games, puzzles and water play (sensory).  More structured times include “circle” for storytelling, songs, music and special activities or projects.

A dedicated “rhythm and movement” music program is provided biweekly by the teachers and of course music is present through songs in the classroom everyday. There is a well equipped outside play yard, which was updated with new equipment in the Spring of 2013.  In addition, a gymnasium stocked with a variety of the School’s own equipment is used when weather does not permit outdoor play (e.g. when it rains or when the temperature drops below minus 18 degrees Celsius with the wind-chill factor).

How My Child Will Benefit From Preschool

  • Physically through activities designed to develop muscle coordination, using developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.
  • Intellectually by solving problems, thinking creatively, and expanding language development.
  • Socially through playing, sharing and co-operating with other children in a supervised learning environment.
  • Emotionally by learning to channel emotions constructively and by increasing independence in meeting and solving problems through the growth of self-esteem.

Our preschool will provide an environment where your child can build a positive self-image, learn skills which will allow him/her to co-operate with others and become skilled at both independent and group learning activities.

Programs Offered

Tuition, Fees, and Subsidies