How Does Learning Happen?

How Does Learning Happen?

Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School believes that every child and family has a right to a quality early years education and experiences.

In co-operation with our members, we will provide a caring and nurturing environment for hands-on learning through play experiences.

Our teachers support children’s learning based on the ELECT model of emergent learning. Our welcoming classrooms encourage inclusion and a sense of belonging. Each child’s well-being is an important factor. Through various methods of engagement allow children to explore their own expression in the learning environment.

BCCNS will provide the opportunity for professionally programmed and supervised play, with a variety of developmentally and diverse inclusive experiences, to establish a positive sense of self in our children. BCCNS aims to develop independent children capable of solving their own problems, and making their own choices.

Our belief is that when children are more involved in their learning they learn that their ideas are important and that almost anything is possible, if you try. The learning is meaningful and relevant to the children’s lives.

Never forgetting that play is children’s work and children learn through play, our teachers provide the learning objectives in the concrete activities that enable the children to learn through their play. With this philosophy, the preschool experience will allow children to reach their full potential.

Our main goals in our programs are to:

  • Build children’s self esteem;
  • Give children control over their learning;
  • Foster in children a love of learning;
  • Enable children to construct knowledge by interacting with their environment; and,
  • Offer children materials to discover, communicate what they know, wonder about, feel and imagine.

Our Mission

At Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School parents and teachers work together to provide quality care and early childhood education. We believe the needs, rights, and concerns of children, parents, and teachers are equally important in creating a learning environment. We are an inclusive school where all children belong.