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What is a Co-Operative Preschool?

A co-operative school can be described as a non-profit organization of members who are committed to ensuring and maintaining a fabulous preschool and kindergarten  for their children. Parent and caregiver effort and participation allows for more affordable tuition; therefore, more children are able to access a high quality preschool or kindergarten experience.

IMG_3948_2A co-operative preschool creates an environment in which parents and teachers work together to provide the highest quality early childhood education. In keeping with the co-operative nature of our school, you, as the parent or caregiver, are encouraged to become actively involved in your child(ren)’s education. By helping out in the classroom, or on field trips, through participating on committees, or perhaps joining the School Council, you will be showing your child(ren) that you are interested in his/her education. At the same time, your child(ren) will take pleasure in having you at school. This partnership between you, your child(ren) and his/her/their school will help to ensure your child(ren)’s success at learning.

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The Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School will provide an environment in which parents and teachers work together to provide quality care and early childhood education. The needs, rights and concerns of the children, parents and teachers will be given equal emphasis to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. BCCNS is an inclusive school, where all children belong. We celebrate every child’s uniqueness and similarities.

BCCNS’ full ByLaws can be read here. 


Bells Corners Co-operative Nursery School was established in February 1968. A community of mothers wanted to provide their children with the best possible preschool experience and develop a preschool resource for the community. Through a partnership with one staff member and one director they created an early learning environment that was optimal for their children, and allowed the parents to actively participate in the experience.

Bells Corners Co-operative remains one of the oldest and largest preschools in the Ottawa area due to the vision and commitment of its membership. In fact, children who once attended BCCNS now bring their own children here for their preschool experience. BCCNS continues the tradition of providing a stimulating and nurturing environment where children learn through play.


BCCNS is proudly supported through funding from the City of Ottawa and the Ministry of Education. Our programs benefit from General Operations and Wage Enhancement Funding.  Thank you to both organizations for supporting early childhood learning!