Preschool Fun for Your 2 and 3 year-olds!

Are you looking for a morning play-based learning activity for your 2 or 3 year-old? BCCNS has some wonderful programs designed specifically for your preschooler:

  • Our 2 year-old Program offers a nurturing, creative, and play-based environment where your child can enjoy learning, growing, and socializing with new friends. Wonderful play centres are set-up and regularly rotated, giving you child a variety of experiences involving anything from a camping themed play-area to learning to cut with scissors to splashing in the water station!
  • Our 3 year-old Program continues to offer BCCNS’ trademark caring and creative play environment, while introducing new activities to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Between learning basic French words, participating in circle time, making artistic masterpieces, and playing cooperatively with new friends, your child will continue to grow and learn in an environment designed to be fun and stimulating!

Curious to learn more? Have a look at our 2s Program Overview and our 3s Program Overview for more information on the programs, dates & times of classes, and tuition.

Be sure to read through our Parent Testimonials for more insight on our school, our teachers, and the 2s and 3s programs.

We’re happy to further discuss how your child might benefit from our programs. Please feel free to contact our Program Director, Chelsey Coe at (613) 828-6011.