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Welcome to BCCNS! We are happy to have your family as part of our community and are eager to get you ready for your child’s school year.

First Day of School

Parent / Caregiver Responsibilities

The school could not exist without your generous support and contributions. Your participation allows us to keep fees and tuitions affordable, while striving to provide the best possible preschool education for your children. Be sure to review your responsibilities:

Duty Days (applies to morning programs only)

  • On your assigned duty day you are responsible for providing a nut-free & peanut-free snack for their child’s entire class
  • In addition, you are encouraged, but not required, to help out in the classroom that day as a Duty Day Helper.
  • Parents of children in the afternoon classes are not assigned duty days; however voluntary assistance may be requested throughout the year for various activities and events.
  • More detailed information is available below

Staying Informed

  • Follow us on Facebook: For up-to-date information on upcoming events, school news, and scheduling (including winter school day cancellations), be sure to follow our Facebook page: Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School.
  • Important School Dates: Be sure to mark these dates into your calendar!
  • Volunteer Schedule for Maintenance, Playdough, and Toy Cleaning Committees.
  • Newsletters and notices are also regularly sent to parents via email.


Duty Days (applies to morning programs only, continued)
  • What are the benefits of helping in class? Duty Day Helpers get a first hand opportunity to share in their child(ren)’s preschool experience. You will see your child(ren) grow as they play at the different learning stations in the classroom, find out which are their favourites and watch them interact with their peers. At the same time you will be contributing to the smooth running of the program while assisting the teachers.
  • Who can participate in class? A grandparent, aunt, uncle, caregiver or friend is welcome to be the duty person for your family, provided that an approved Police Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) has been submitted and processed. Only individuals with a completed VSC on record will be permitted to fulfill this role, even on short notice or emergency circumstances. VSC remain on record for 5 years, however a Declaration of Offences must be signed each school year after the initial VSC.
  • Where can I find the duty day schedules? A schedule of duty days is prepared by the Registrar and is posted outside the classrooms and distributed via email. If you are unable to bring snack for your assigned duty day it is your responsibility to find a replacement or exchange duty days with another member. Please do inform the teachers or Program Director of changes in the duty schedule to ensure the duty roster posted outside the classroom reflects the change.
  • What can I help with in class? A detailed information sheet regarding “Duty Parent Responsibilities” is available in each classroom for reference. If you have a special skill, talent, interest or hobby that you would like to share with the group, please inform the teachers before your duty day. Your creative participation will make your days more fun and our program will be enriched!
  • Are infants allowed? Duty Day Helpers may bring an infant with them into the classroom so long as the infant can be worn (ie in a sling or snuggly). For safety reasons, car seats and other similar chairs may not be permitted in the classroom, however check with the teachers for more information if you plan to attend with an infant.
  • Forgot your duty day? If you forgot to prepare a snack for the class on your assigned duty day the staff will use backup snacks (non-perishable goods) from our cupboards. It is your responsibility to replenish this back-up snack. Staff will provide you a shopping list for this.