Kinders Testimonials

The best decision I made … for Junior Kindergarten was BCCNS    

~ Kinders Parent


“The best decision I made when considering where to send my son for Junior Kindergarten was BCCNS. The 4’s program is excellent. I love the way the program is organized, incorporating special themes and special events. Plus a student to staff ratio that is unheard of in the public school system.”  ~ Kinders Parent


“As a parent of a three year-old with special needs that came to BCCNS, I have seen first-hand the wonderful things that can happen when a child is placed into a program with dedicated and experienced staff such as we have here. I recall this time last year when the parents would gather at drop-off or pick-up time and share their thoughts and concerns as to where to place their child that Fall.

I was committed to having my daughter return here for the four year-old program. During one of these gatherings, I remember one parent’s comment to me regarding our choice to have our daughter return here for her third year, that we should be careful because she would get too comfortable here and not be ready to deal with the regular school system’s large class size etc.

Well halfway through the year, I can tell you that it is all about being comfortable because that comfort is what is required for our children to develop the self-confidence they need to embrace new challenges, be willing to try new things and really be able to handle what lies ahead in the regular school system. We have seen our daughter blossom into a child that truly loves school, is willing to attempt new things with great enthusiasm, and beams with more self-confidence than we ever dreamed.

I am still apprehensive about where to place my child this fall for senior kindergarden, but I am confident that I have provided her with the best foundation to the many years ahead of education by having her participate in the four year old program here at the school.”  ~ Kinders Parent


“To those of you considering enrolling your child into the 4 year old program, I would like to assure you that your child will receive no better instruction and care. The teachers focus all of their attention and skills on the children and give them a solid basis of knowledge to prepare them for their formal education. The programming they provide is at the senior kindergarten level and has exceeded our expectations. Varied themes, special guests, a music program and introductory French are only a few of the reasons why I consider this program to be a necessity in our lives.”  ~ Kinders Parent


“I really love the 4 year old program but more importantly my son does too. I chose this program because I was so pleased with the school and wanted to continue to give my son the best start I could.

After each day, he could not wait to tell me in detail all about his afternoons. The letters he had learned to write, the French songs or numbers, the cookery, the experiments, his friends new time, the chats over snack and what he has played with. The teachers provide a caring, fun, and stimulating classroom, giving a perfect balance of work and play.

I know I made the right decision with this program. The early school years are too precious to be wasted in large classes in large impersonal schools. My only problem now is how to find something to follow this!”  ~ Kinders Parent